December 21, 2007


Well, I am doing much better. Thanks everyone for well wishes. As I write this, I'm in no pain at all, but the moments come and go. Most of the time, it's just a dull irritant,, but I have many sharp twinges, cramps, and spasms throughout the day, which force me to sit and sink into the back of the chair, couch, or... bed. And it sucks. I began physical therapy on Tuesday. She's an OK lady, but hasn't had much experience with this injury. She admitted that she was going to do some research in order to give me a recovery time line. Luckily, I have been nice to the folks at Therapeutic Associates, where we work out on Tuesday and Thursday, so I got hooked up with a super tape job last night to keep me standing straight and not "wing" so much. Those guys absolutely know what they're doing!

Now that I am on vacation for 2 weeks, I have no excuse for not working out. So after watching everybody else ride around in circles tomorrow morning, I'll head to the gym for some quality spin bike and eliptical trainer time. EXCELLENT!