December 13, 2007


Grade 3 AC Separation. Google it.

It's sounds pretty bad, but I should be riding again in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I'll spend some trainer and spin bike time. And I can still do some lower body workouts. I just talked to Dr. Murray, and anyone that's ever asked him anything... knows the type of answer you get. He gives you more information than you know what to do with, which is awesome. You get your original question answered and some bonus tidbits. And it gives me such peace AND piece of mind.

Dr. Tilson turned out to be pretty straightforward and to the point. He found me an article to read about treating a grade III bustaroo. He told me to email him my decision and he'd get me going in the direction I needed before he gets back to the office. I think a little bird told the ancient man that I was not keen on our past experiences. So, he's on my good side again.

Surgery is one option, but the amount of function I'd get back isn't much better, if any, than just rehab. So, I'm going the rehab route and if I still want surgery after the 2008 season, I'll do it right after nationals. The surgery mostly fixes the deformity. On my right side I have a shoulder. There is a point, and my t-shirt seams hit nicely. On my left, I look like an old lady. It goes neck... a small lump... and my arm. I foresee my biggest problem being keeping my bra strap up!

Not joking.

And yes, I'm planning to wear one :)

I took a photo of my x-ray. Not sure if that's legal. Oh well. See where that big space is on the top right, at the end of the collar bone? Yea, there's not supposed to be a space. It's not so much that the collar bone is sticking up, but that my arm has sort of fallen. Nice lungs, huh?


Juicey said...

Holy Cow! So sorry to hear about your injury and hope you are back up and at 'em in no time. Good luck with the recovery.


I believe said...

I hope you heal quick!!! Enjoy your time though and don't stress too much. Be patient. I can say that from experience!

Take care,

DT said...

it's called revenge. google it.

Heather said...

DT- If I get revenge, you'll have to work out with the gay receptionist at your gym....All in good time :)