October 7, 2007

Home Again

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I was just tired and not really looking forward to reporting more bad news. Well, not totally bad news, but not super exciting either.

I posted 12.8 in my 200m. TT This is my slowest time on this track. Not really sure what happened there, but it seems that everyone's times were a bit slow. Anyway, it set me 7th and 8 sprinters make it into the tournament. This was also the closest I've ever been to not making it in to the sprints!

I rode against a super fast, Liz Reap. She won in two rides. In the 5-8 ride, I did a good job of controlling in the first 2 laps. But it is important to know how to count to 3 with a 4 up ride. As I was controlling my outside, I left the lane open and the girl that one slipped in there.

Kara and I rode a decent team sprint, although it didn't put us into the finals. We "won" 5th place by default. But our start assured me that my 500m. loss was ALL about the start. My split to the first tape was a 14.01 and ours was 13.13.

I'm home now, after waking up at 5:00am and hopping on a big bird. Now I'm looking forward to grading some writing projects!


erikv said...

Welcome back! Now dust off yer cross stuff and come play in the mud with the rest of Oregon!

Jeanie said...

You rock! We need to get together for some rides this winter.