August 26, 2007

Off to Master's Nationals

John Forbes, Donna Smith, and I are here in Allentown, about 8 miles from the track, concluding a short adventure. We left Portland without error, headed for Chicago. I was worried that we'd have trouble with weather there, but no drama. Our next gate was about 20 meters from where we exited.

A little while into our layover, we heard that our flight was going to be delayed about a half hour due to weather in Newark. OK, no problem. Blah, blah, blah... we get on the plane and start to taxi and the captain gets on and says we have to sit there because the delay is extended. This was not good news, as a baby was having a fit behind John and I. But eventually we take off, almost an hour later.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are going to be a little longer getting into Newark, due to some storms in our way. We'll be going around...stay in your seats..." We safely made it around and those of us on the left side of the plane were treated to an amazing light show, the cloud firing up with lightening, the currents dancing through the clouds.

Applause answered our soft touchdown and we were in Jersey. HUMID! I could barely get a breath in the jet way!

Our bikes seemed to have gotten here before us. They were stacked up against a wall when we got downstairs and it was about 20 minutes before our baggage carrosel. Within another half hour, we were stuffed into our Xtera, driving about 80 minutes to Allentown.

Next, was a treat. I used my card to check us in. The $189 a night quote was crossed out and handwritten along the side was $119. Sweet, a discount- not sure why. Then we hiked to our luxury suite! We have 2 bedrooms with 2 full bathrooms, a living room area and small kitchen. It's pretty awesome.

So, now it's time to build bikes and get to the track. The weather is still a little shakey, so hopefully we get to ride.