July 19, 2007

Way to Be on Day 3

The skies opened up for racing last night. My legs were screaming from my stint at the gym early Tuesday morning, and I think it was an evil plan on Brian's part!

The first race was a Miss-n-Out. For the first time ever, I was in the final 3 to sprint. Against Brian and Mike, that meant I finished 3rd. Next was a 15 lap tempo. The boys let the women duke this one out. Unfortunately, this girl had the least amount of break from the race before. Since Emily was in the hunt, I was OK with being detached from the group for most of the race. Jeannie and Lynn were scooping up most of the points and they are both down more laps than us, so I wasn't worried.

Our 30 minute Madison flew by. Emily and I were doing pretty well. The boys' teams pulled away early. We were riding with Andrea/Jeannie for a few laps, but between our awesome exchanges and Emily's power, we pulled away. Eventually, the boys' teams caught up to (lapped) us and we were able to ride with them for a few laps. If we could stay with them, we could get lucky in the final sprint and not be lapped by at least one of them. But... then we had a complete mess of an exchange- well actually we didn't manage to exchange at all and Emily was stuck out there for another shift. It wasn't really our fault, but we learned to space ourselves out more from the teams coming in with us. This caused us to go down about half a lap, which caused to problems- we were now 1.5 laps behind the teams we were trying to stay with and Jeannie/Andrea caught and overtook us. But I think we still got more points than them and we're still a lap up.


Being in the "B" group, you have only a little break between your omnium races and the madison

Tessa and I are friends finally. Anyone that spends enough time trying to win her over knows that this is a victory in itself.

Emily and I have long and hard...last names. Stay tuned.

If you hang out at the track long enough after racing, Candi gives you ice cream.


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Love the new jerseys. The cupcakes were an especially nice touch--Bigman Shoes is a big fan of snacks. See you tomorrow and good luck.