July 20, 2007

Race Some More on Day 4

Power of the cupcakes!

Emily and I made these shirts in response to a BigManShoes blog. Apparently, the most interesting thing about us is our last names. Actually, the racing reviews are pretty funny, so no offense taken. Our jerseys were a hit. I think it made me more powerful.

The first race was a progressive points race. In this race, the winner of the 1st lap gets 1 point, the winner of the second lap gets 2 points.... and so on. Like a good sprinter, I got some points early on in case the enduros decided to pick up the pace. They did, but we all regrouped by the end and I came across the line 3rd behind the boys, placing me 2nd in the race.

The next race was your basic scratch. We rolled around pretty mellow until there were about 6 laps to go. Then everyone got impatient and we were all spread out. Going into the last lap, I was the last wheel. I came around all but Mike, Brian, and a quickly-recovering-from-knee-surgery Andrea for 4th place.

Highlighting the evening was the Madison. Had we not botched another exchange, we might have gotten more points. But the good part was staying on even laps with the boys' teams. Brain admitted later that they weren't going 100%, but that's OK. Emily and I have big plans for tonight.

Current overall score:
1 Abers, Brian Team Rubicon 182
Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia Bike Central

2 Murray, Mike Team Oregon 153
Curl, Darien Team Rubicon

3 VanValkenburg, Heather Team Rubicon 93 -2 laps
Charboneau, Emily

4 Fisk, Andrea 83 -6 laps
Bihlmaier, Jeanne Specialized/RCB

5 Mautner, Meg NoMad Sports Club 55 -14 laps
Hughes-Godfrey, Lynn Bike Central

Sadie enjoyed a walk today.


Bigman Shoes said...

We here at Bigman Shoes are all about putting the "last" back in last names, generally of the DFL variety, whereas, appapparently those with Long, Hard, Cup Cake enhanced names stay on even laps and have a goo night. Good work.