June 12, 2007

Early AM Gym Time

Ok, maybe you go to the gym at 5:00 am all the time. Today was my first day to venture into the muscle maker place in the wee hours. By this evening, it feels like it wasn't even today. Why did I do it? Sometimes I have 2 workouts in one day. And in order to avoid going to the gym and then racing an hour later... sacrifices to that last hours of sleep must be made.

There was an interesting character at the gym. She skipped to everywhere she was going. She skipped to the drinking fountain, she skipped from one machine to another across the room, she skipped to and from the locker room. She just skipped. The thing is, she was lifting some decent weights. Maybe she was keeping her heart rate up. Maybe she just liked to... skip.


Gilby said...

There's a guy at my gym who jumps rope between sets. I figured it was to keep his heart rate up, but it is kinda funny!

I believe said...

I have to ride the spinning bike for 2 min between every machine. The first 20 seconds over 140rpms and the next 1'20" at 90rpms. It's suppsed to make the weights work your cycling muscles better rather than just building up unwanted unsude on the bike mass.