June 10, 2007

Back to the Grind

Well recovery week was great. On Monday, I got on the new track bike for a fit with Dean at Bike Central (best track bike place.) Tuesday I went to the gym and did my leg workout. I graduated to a heavier weight on my squats. Feel pretty good about that. Wednesday got my hair did and had dinner with Heather and Aaron. Thursday, I took my new baby out on the track. My oh my- shorter cranks feel much different. Narrower bars are a bit kooky too, but I think I'm gunna like! Friday I thought about going to the gym, but went went home instead and took the boys to happy hour at Beaches. I never get to go to Friday happy hour, so it was fun. Today felt great to get back on the track and roll it.

I'm looking forward to the hard work leading up to AVC in just 4 weeks. Rumor has it that many sprinter women are coming up for the race, which is awesome!