May 16, 2007

The Latest...

Racing hasn't been phenomenal, but it hasn't been bad either. I'm a bit of a different schedule this year, so I have to be satisfied without being fast right now. It's funny because I look at my times from last year at this time and how upset I was that those times were so lame. So far this year, I've posted all slower times than even that. I can only move forward and trust that what I'm doing now adds bits and pieces to the master plan. My 500 TT last week was a 41.43, which is about a second off my best time. I know I'm building a good base in the gym and having great workouts.

I got 2nd place in the omnium for the track race last Saturday. I felt tired the whole day- just a little beat from the week's work. There were only 4 women racing, including myself, Darien (who did a great job helping), Emily, and Jen. Jen won the omnium easily, by taking 1st in all 3 races.

On a totally different note, my little bro got married. This one if for real. we all love Shannon and she's a smart chica- and buff! They got married outside of Las Vegas. Here's a shot I stole from Snapfish, after I rightfully ordered a few shots. I'm not sure what Charlie and Shannon find so funny here, but it was one of my favorites.