May 18, 2007

Dull Edge

That's how someone described it to me. "You don't seem to have you usual snap." Another said, "You seem to just be going through the motions without the fire." And tonight I got some point blank advice- "You don't like what's going on, then you have to do something different to fix it.

So, I'm beginning my worst track season ever. I crawled through a 4:48 pursuit last night. Now, we all know that a pursuit is not my event. But it certainly wasn't my event back in 2002 when I did my first pursuit at 4:47... in drop bars... road helmet... with no clue. Last night was officially my worst time. And I was complaining last year about a 4:40. I know it's May and I'm not supposed to care about track times, but it's hard to ignore the worst times I've ever posted. Well, that's not totally true, it was my second worst 500 time. I realistically expected my 2007 coming out times to be a little better than the beginning of last year- maybe a 200m. less that 14 seconds...a 500m. in the high end of 40 seconds, and something around a 4:35 pursuit.

I feel like I did my homework this winter. I didn't date anyone, I drank less, I ate better, I followed instructions. And I've so far been rewarded with disappointment. I'm a little in shock to be honest.

Overtrained? I'm not sure how. I had 2 weeks totally off. I eased back into training after my crash, so I should be golden. I'm more like lead.

"QUITCHA BITCHIN HEATHER! I know, I know. I just need to vent and the nice thing about a journal, blog, a friend, whatever, is that once I get it out, I can move on.

So... we started racing at the track tonight, but it started raining. I won my first sprint, then we were done. The weather is getting yucky. Swan Island is Sunday. Party on, folks.


I believe said...

sometimes being more serious backfires and you have to have fun and live a little, because cycling alone can't make anybody completely happy but being happy can make you fast:-)) Don't stress yourself out thinking about it, it puts you in an even deeper hole. everybody has ups and downs and you gotta get down to get back up...