May 26, 2007

Is Summer Here Now?

I sure hope that we're done with the sogginess. Last Saturday I went to the roller derby at the expo center with Per, Amelia, and Emily. Totally fun. It's like track racing on skates with a lot more contact. They draw in crowds of a few thousand. Sunday was the Swan Island Crit. I think I mentioned before that I decided not to race because I had some chest illness. They canceled the women's race anyway. but Casey and Dean raced in thei monsoon and did well. Sadie and Norrene hung out in the rain with me.

This week's training has been a little more positive. My weights are tough enough to really tire me out now.. I completed all of my intervals Wednesday- even with much distraction (another story not suitable for blogging) and survived that first points race of the year. I raced with the cat 3 guys for 40 laps and only went down 2 laps. I consider that pretty good right now. Last night we sprinted and I rode smart, so overall a good week.

There's been some talk on the OBRA chat about lack of women's racing. I voiced my opinion about why some women race with the guys, which did nothing to solve the problem (i.e. PIR.) There was some good talk overall. I hope the road events see more ladies out there.