July 8, 2006

Portland Alpeonrose Velodrome Challenge
Session #1 and #2

Yesterday morning was the 3K pursuit. I only decided to do this race Thursday night after realizing that there won't be many riders. I was correct. 5 women would be in contention. I was in the first ride against a girl named Mary Maroon. The weather was perfect, the wind was none and I felt pretty good. Riding an 88" gear, I rode a 4:28. This was good enough for second place and the lunch money that accompanied. This is 4 seconds slower than last year, but I was riding a slower gear and I'm not much of a pursuit rider in the first place. I was happy with in and stuck around to call splits for others. Per and Steven had great rides. Track hack settled in.

In the evening session, I felt good during my warmup for the 500m. TT. I think it helped to have done a light geared pursuit in the morning. My jumps felt good. I was fortunate to have what Darrell and I named a "windopause", which would be a pause in the wind. My start wasn't stellar. The holder wasn't very solid and I think that bothered me in the start. It wasn't horrible, but I think I may have had a sub 40. My 40.31 is a new P.R. on Alpenrose track and it placed me 3rd behind Becky Quinn (39.2) and Auna-Brit (39.7). Considering those .3 wouldn't have placed me any higher, I wasn't disappointed.

Today is the Keiren and Miss-n-out.