July 10, 2006

Alpenrose Challenge
Session #3-4 Saturday, July 8th.

#3 Saturday morning began with the Keiren rounds. In the my heat, I went for the motor and wound up with the best draft considering the size of the other girls, sitting behind the sleek guzzy motor. Knowing that other riders would try to come up on me, I swept my lane on the corners and protected the inside. Becky Quinn was in my heat. She's a tough rider and I knew I'd have to react to whatever moves she played. When the motor pulled off, I attacked, but only rode as fast as I had to on the first of 2 laps without the motor. With one to go, I attacked again with Becky with me. I guess we opened up a gap. In turn 3 she came over me. She finished first by a big gap, and I got second, so I was automatically in the finals that night. Later in the morning session, we had the miss-n-out. Here's how it went: We began with 13 riders. I survived a few pulls and then I missed.... and was out ....in 9th place :)

#4 The evening session kicked off with the keiren finals. This time I was second behind the motor, following Auna-Brit. Becky was behind me. I, again, protected my space, both left and right. Coming out of turn 2, Becky caught me sleeping/ watching the inside and snuck up on my outside. Her and I pretty much shared Auna-Brit's wheel for a couple of laps. At one point, I was squeezed back, but hustled back in. For a few moments we shared a lane. It was a little tight in the corners and I visited the apron a titch, but tried to hold firm to my spot. Don't remember much about the last lap other than the end, when only 2 riders got to the finishe line first- Becky, followed by Auna- Brit.

More about the last day later. I'm off to the track for Team Rubicon's Girls Night Out!