February 23, 2006

"Tight" Kits

Umphda! I dropped by the Godfrey house to pick up my new team clothing. Mum says something about Pop trying on one of the skin suits and mentioning that it was s little small. A little...? So, I take a medium skin suit into the "dressing room" and come out a new super hero! These kits are TIGHT (times 2). They're pretty hot looking in a bright safety orange, slickery smooth spandex (think fast). However, I will really need to lay off the goodies. Or just start racing my bike.


Anonymous said...

yeah . . . .a lot of people are going to have to lay off the goodies (i.e. the BEER) to fit into 2006 kits. I feel sorry for all the riders behind the orange team, that have to look at a very stretched out lighthouse logo.