February 26, 2006

Jack Frost Time Trial

Took a car down to the parking lot early in the morning. Then rode to the start, which was about 15 minutes. Stretched, then finished my warm up. Weatherman threatened rain with afternoon pouring. Since my start time was 12:44, I was hoping that “afternoon” meant- really, really after noon. I used pink bike with clip on Profiles, aero helmet (red) , skin suit (orange and navy), knee warmers (light. blue), arm warmers (canary yellow), shoes with covers (white) and ipod down the front of skin suit (best decision of the day- kept my mind off the pain and helped me keep cadence up when I got tired). As I rolled up to the start area, I heard a shot from Candi Murray through my headphones, “Did you get dressed in the dark this morning?” I did inventory a little later and realized that green and purple were the only colors of the rainbow that I was missing. We have our basic team kit, but I’m using old team colors to supplement. No worries- by the end of March, I should be looking pretty fabulous. Oh yea, although cloudy, no rain today.

I felt alright. Held a steady heart rate of 179-181. Every time I pushed a little too hard, I’d look to see 182, so I guess 181 is my threshold for now. Saw a max HR of 184, but I’m sure it was higher when I come through for final sprint. Speed varied due to wind and exhaustions, but stayed between 22 and 25mph the whole time- mostly 23 . I think I could have tolerated a little more pain at the end and even gotten out of the saddle to sprint at the end, but didn’t. I definitely worked the hip flexors and butt though. I got some nice cramping about a minute after it was over. Haven’t seen results yet- expecting to have around 32 minutes.

Later.... 31:48. That's ah'ight. 2003's time was 33:35.

Stevo and Carl busted out in orange today as well. They looked pretty dang fast.