April 22, 2010


The 1st Annual Daybreak Middle School Walk-a-thon is on Friday, May 7th. This walk-a-thon raises money for the American Cancer Society. Part of the money goes to our school's ASB account. Many teachers at my school and friends of ours have been affected by this disease. I don't know if you know this, but racer, a official, David Hart's wife is going through chemotherapy right now.

Teachers can choose whether to volunteer to help that day... or participate. It wasn't a hard choice.

How it works: Our walk-a-thon is 2 hours. You sponsor me a certain amount of money per lap I walk. Remember, I have long legs and determination. Your amount per lap can be as small as $.25 a lap up to... as much as you want. The estimated lap total is 15. You can also indicate a maximum donation, in case I walk more laps than you can afford. Finally, you can also just donate a flat amount.

You can send me a message privately or get excitement going, by replying to this note publicly. List your sponsorship like this:

Name, $ per lap, Maximum donation
ex: Sally Smith, $2.00, $50.00

P.S. My class has a goal of $1000. At 25 people counting me, we estimate that each person only has to raise $40 in lap sponsorships!