September 6, 2009

It's About Time

So...uh... I guess it's time to update the bloggy blog. Not sure if I'm going to keep this going. Facebook seems to be easier to post stuff and stay tuned.

I thought about completely closing this blog, but I don't want to lose some pretty funny stories. Maybe another rainy afternoon, I'll go find all my posts and copy them into a document. Hmmm

Oops! Computer is about to die. Guess I'll figure it out later.


David said...

yeah, but everyone's on facebook, and it's so laaaaaame! Didn't I luck out when I clicked "next blog"!

Ms Littlefaster said...

Ha ha ha. Yes. You win... the pleasure af reading every post I ever posted since January 2006

David said...

I might not read every post, but I do think a girl who rides a track bike commands a bit of respect, especially one that can handle a room full of 6 graders day in and day out! an old acquaintance (Leigh Hobson) comes to mind, finished her racing career at the last Olympics for Canada, and settled into teaching full time.