July 21, 2008

AVC 2008

The report you've all been waiting for! Well, it wnt pretty well, considering the last month of my digestive/ athletic life.

Friday afternoon was the 500 meter time trial. I got an acceptable time of 41.1. ANy other year, I would NOT be OK with a time one second slower than my PR, but since it was over a second faster than last week.... ROCK ON!!!

Saturday morning I rode a 13.81. I was thrilled to see a time under 14 seconds. Again, it's about a half second slower than I'd like, but whatever. I qualified 5th for the sprints. The sprints themselves didn't go so well. We began with 3-ups in round one. I finished 3rd. Then in the reps... I got... not first. So, I raced for 7-10 and that video is below.

The keiren was Sunday. In the first round, one rider went to the finals. Everyone else goes to the reps round. So, when I knew I wasn't going to be first, I just rolled in. In the next round, I raced like a racer. I went long when the motor pulled off (not the smartest idea with no endurance) and the crowd cheered. The issue with taking about 5 weeks of not training hard... is the inability to sprint for 2 laps. I got caught in the last half lap. As someone put it, "Yea, we saw the monkey jump on your back," to which I responded, "and his brother." But I felt good about the effort.

Regardless of the results, I am finally on my comeback!