December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me
Nothing like an impulse buy to give you that special rush. It all started when Emily tells me that she got the new Nano with video for Christmas, which got me thinking that I really wanted video too. I looked up the price and was blown away at how inexpensive they were. So today, one of my stops on my errand run was to PowerMacPac. I played around with all of the toys and finally went for many more gigglybites than my original plan, and got me the 80 GB Ipod Classic in black. It cost a bit more, but I can put all music, photos, and video, and all my computer software, and saved files, and... I still have tons of room.

To avoid any impulse regret, I justified the purchase. If I were not broken, I would be going to Canada to race next week, for the Burnaby 6 Day. With travel, food, accomodation, and registration, I'd spend close to that amount. And now, I can manage 1.5 hours (2 episodes of Ugly Betty) on the eliptical trainer and stationary bike :)