July 17, 2007

The Big Mix-Up

Last week I bought The Magic Bullet. It's NOT an R-rated toy. No, it's the best blender- ever. Linens-N-Things has it on sale right now, so go get yours! So far, I've made about 10 protein shakes, fluffy scrambled eggs, pancake mix, and chicken salad for a sandwich. I would not recommend their pesto recipe though. I'm going to be sweating garlic oil later!

Day 1 of 6 down, of the Alpenrose 6-Day race. Emily and I are 3rd in the "B" group. There are 3 women's teams and 2 co-ed teams in our group. One team consists of Amelia and Brian. They are so going down.... Of course that means it needs to stop raining within the next 4 hours.