May 4, 2007

That Clock Has Got To Be Fast!

Or maybe it's just the beginning of May and I'm that slow! Yesterday, we got showered out for doing the 500s- next week it will be much nicer. Tonight, the wet finally stopped about 2 hours before race time. It was 200 night at Alpenrose Fast Twitch Friday. My muscles were more like bubble-gum-on-the-third-day twitch. A few factors included:
Being off the bike totally for a week, and lightly another week
It's May
Eating a big shrimp Mediterranean salad two hours before racing- no offence to the Greeks or to shrimp, but that meal is officially on the do-not-eat-on-race-day list.
It's May
The temperature was around... 54ish?
It's May
It was windy
And... It's May

So, my official worst times ever were achieved this evening with a 14.49, 15.04, and a 15.? There was a small group- we got to go until the sun set.

Good news though is that Dean Reed and Bike Central (plugging the folks sthat take care of my track racing needs) scored me a used, but totally awesome pair of old school sprinter pedals- "Go Fast Upgrade" #1

The weather is shaping up, so tomorrow's workout will be warm, yet painful