March 30, 2007

That's How I Roll

If you have never experienced the magic of a foam roller, you're totally missing out. Some magic hurts. Hurts real bad. A foam roller is used against the users own body weight, to "roll out" sore muscles. It has the same effect as a massage. This white tube just might save my knees this year.

Brian, Emily, and I took a class at Therapeutic Associates last night, where we we shown all the positions for using the roller. It was painful. Instead of saying. "Is everyone comfortable with that position?" Dave would joke, "Is everyone uncomfortable with that position?" If it hurts... it's working. But with regular use, it doesn't hurt as much and all is well and happy with my legs... pretty much.

Dave said to name our foam roller, since we'd build such a close relationship with it. I think I"ll call her Athena. Here are some photos of Athena in her new home.

A little shy still...

Watching a little news, wondering about the weather forecast.