March 9, 2007

I Am Here! As Told By Baby Lolita....

Some people refer to Orbea's new ride as hot. Yes, I am. I am the new Orca, recently conceived for my owner, Heather. Here is my story.

It began the day Logan, Dean, and Mom (Heather) were unpacking me and my siblings. First there was Orca- 51. That was Richard's baby. Then, our big brother, Orca 60, belonging to new rider, Dan. Finally it was my time to see the light. I was one of 4 Orca-57 to shed our foam protection.

I was a bit lonely at first. Mom gave me some cool white water bottle cages, but mostly, I just watched on the couch.

Finally, it was my turn on the stand! They say it takes a village to raise a baby. First, Logan, I think started on the basics. Later that afternoon, Dan strung my cables, and put on my shiny new chain. But then my siblings hopped on the van for a trip to California to show off in a race.

The next day, Dean gave my wheels some gears, and adjusted shifting.

Thursday night, mom took me to my new crib. It's nice here. Many people came to visit me and do intervals in mom's garage. Mom spent most of the time getting me adjusted just for her. Later that night, Brian fixed my sticky brakes.

Human babies have belly buttons. On Friday I got to lose mine when the nice man at the bike shop cut my steer tube.

When I got home from my first ride, mom's roommate asked me what my name was, since I couldn't go by Orca-57a my whole life. Mom thought of my plight. She considered how many men had their hands all over me, how I was very pretty at first glance, but up close had flaws, such as borrowed brakes and a substitute front derailleur. And after a short trip around the neighborhood, it was discovered that I could be ridden hard and fast. I had moves like no other. My characteristics matched that of an exotic dancer.

It was because of these unique characteristics that I earned the name Lolita, the first stripper name Mom thought of.


Ms. GettingToSix said...

You almost have the same birthdays!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't I just have ONE normal person on this team. . . .Naming your bike after a stripper. Good grief! Haven't met Brad, Adam or Matt yet, maybe one of them is normal . . .Doubt it, but there's hope.

Happy Birthday!


PS it's sunny here.