February 5, 2007

2007 Preview

So, it's the beginning of February and every conversation with a cycling friend sparks the question...." So how's training going?"

Training is going very well- much better than last year. I'm feeling wintery strong. I've seen improvements in the gym and I've felt good on my rides. It helps that I've been healthy so far and my knees are cooperating. I'm looking forward to a recovery week next week, leading up to the first race of the season, The Cherry Pie Road Race. There's a new course this year. A bunch of us that train with Brian drove down there yesterday to preview the course. I think it'll be a pretty good one for me. You'll be surprised when I say that it's not perfectly flat. Although I prefer flatter courses, pancakes are a bit boring. This course has some rollers and a couple of short climbs. Unfortunately, one of the climbs is where the finish line is. But my biggest worry is getting through the full distance, hope that I have the endurance, since the race will be my longest ride of the winter.

My serious goals are on the track this year. I'd like to see a 12.8 second 200meter on Alpenrose. This will be .4 seconds of an improvement. This time should equate to about 12 seconds in Colorado Springs in July and iat the ADT for Nationals in October. I truely think a faster time will make me a more confident sprinter. I also want to get 39.8 in the 500m. TT at Alpenrose. This will be about a half second improvement. It's really hard to tell how the winter training off the track equated when things start up in May.

Big Events for me this year include:
Independence Day Grand Prix in July- Colorado Springs
Alpenrose AVC the following weekend- Portland
FSA Grand Prix (Nationals Qualifier)- Seattle/ Redmond
Master's National Championships in late August- Trexlertown, PA
Elite National Championships in early October- Caron, CA
Master's World Championships in late October- Sydney, Australia

So here I come 2007. be good to me. I'll try to update this blog on a weekly basis :)
Grrr- the proof is in the biceps. Well, it's probably more in the legs, but couldn't get a good shot. Stay tuned!


zhahhh said...
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Little Mama said...

Oooh baby! Look at those guns!!

If you get too tired on your first race you could always lean down and peddle with your arms.


dwanjabi said...

yeah! you have a big year ahead of you!

keep me posted on your portland dates so i can come out and cheer you on.