October 7, 2006

Elite Nationals October 6, 2006

Tonight I had my 500m. TT. Again, I didn't have the best gear, feeling a little easy this time. The gear made sense. It was an inch smaller than at Colorado Springs in August and after my overgear in ithe 200m, it seemed right. I guess it was right for my start, but when I sat down after only about 120 meters I knew I'd feel spun out. My time of 39.12 was almost a half second faster than my last 2 times on this track. And if you consider the elevation factor (1 second slower that at the springs), it was an alright time, but not stellar. It landed me 9th out of 28 riders.

A little later, I was chatting with Kara Vidaca about our ride. We were joking about something, when a recognizable guy on crutches hopped up the stairs behind her. I was in mid sentence....

"Hey, turn around and check out the guy in crutches." She was a little surprised to see Floyd hobble righ tpast her. Her was there for a short interview and to present awards for the men's team pursuit and the women's points race. Later, when he left, Donna stopped him and we took photos. it was a fun surprise.

So, Donna broke her own world record again. The new 50+ world record is 39.857. The old lady got 18th overall. She had to fill out some official forms to seal the dealio!


Anonymous said...

You are number one in the velodrome ceramic bowl--it looks great!