July 23, 2006

Oregon State Track Chamionships

Let's start with the weather. HOLY SOUTH FLORIDA! On Friday night we had the 500m. It was HOT out and the air was heavy. All things considered, I was happy with the 40.4 time I had, beginning my collection of gold medals.

Saturday was the pursuit. I joked with Brian about doing it, secretly hoping that he'd say no. So I did it in a 86" gear. This turned out to be a good thing because I had almost perfect lap times. So what that the time was around 25 seconds. Ha ha ha! My time was 4:30, which is about 6 seconds off my best time, but it's no big deal.

Sunday began not super duper hot. I was excited because the boys were posting some good 200m. times. I was hoping to get under 13 seconds. I did a few things in my approach that affected my 13.2 time that I can fix, but I'm basically done "performing on the Alpenrose track for this year. This is a P.R. for me. (starting to get hot) There were only 3 women (Miranda, Andrea, and I) sprinting today. I played smart and controlled my 2 races to win gold. (it's hot out)The keiren had 4 women, including the 3 sprinters and Kayla. (HOLY HOTTNESS!) I rode second behind the motor and Miranda. It was a fairly uneventful ride and I finished my gold streak.

Deano won his keiren and Caset got 3rd. RIGHT ON BOYS! Chuck won the kilo and pursuit in his category. He won by A LOT, so he's obviously motivaed to actually practice these events. SWEET JOB, BABE.