April 18, 2006

P.I.R. 1/2/3s OK

I comfortably rode with the cat 1/2/3s tonight at P.I.R. Attempts at this last year usually resulted in me getting shot out the back at some point of the race- sometimes more than once if I managed to get back on. But, now I feel that this is the right place for me. We started with 87 riders (ugh) and the results go down to about 40. The race was 15 laps.Technically I didn't finish, because I rolled in before the line to get my water bottle, since I raced dry- left water bottle sitting by my bag.

There were a couple of times I looked over my shoulder and saw... the track behind me, so that's not good. I did get in the mix a little, but spent most of my time in the back third or so of the group. So, my goal next time is to move up more and try to be useful to my team. I guess I'm still getting my feet wet with this whole "race with the big boys" thing and the fact that I have about 8 teammates out there- there's a new concept!